Rail Services

Transportation plays a key role in satisfying the energy demands placed on electricity generators. When supported by a reliable source for coal, utilities’ operations run smoothly and with more predictable pricing than the peaking systems that rely on natural gas.

Helping provide a dependable supply of coal, despite rail service issues, Western Fuels Association delivered over 16 million tons of coal to its six Class A and Class B Members during 2014.

WFA manages and maintains 1,800 rail cars, schedules loadings and deliveries and negotiates equipment financing and leasing services. In addition, WFA also operates the Escalante-Western Railway in New Mexico. This short line railroad runs between the Lee Ranch/El Segundo Mine and Tri-State Generation & Transmission’s Escalante Generating Station. All of these services are geared toward providing WFA’s members the most competitive and efficient transportation possible.

Coal Transportation

  • Bid Solicitation
  • Contract Administration
  • Train Scheduling
  • Railcar Ownership and Leasing Evaluations
  • Fleet Management
  • Accounting, Rail Property Taxes and Insurance
  • Railroad Construction/Build-Out/Cost Analysis