Industry Links

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity - The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is the only national trade organization whose sole mission is to advocate at the federal and state levels on behalf of coal-fueled electricity and the coal fleet.  To carry out our mission, we engage constructively with elected and appointed officials, policy makers, regulators, stakeholders, and the public.  Our membership is comprised of major industries – electricity generators, coal producers, railroads, barge operators, and equipment manufacturers – involved in generating electricity from coal.

Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide & Global Change - The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change was created to disseminate factual reports and sound commentary on new developments in the world-wide scientific quest to determine the climatic and biological consequences of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content.

Colorado Mining Association - The Colorado Mining Association (CMA), established in 1876 and incorporated in 1897, is a trade association whose membership, numbering 88 companies and 700 individuals, is composed of both small and large enterprises engaged in the exploration for, production and refining of, metals, coal, oil shale, and industrial minerals; firms that manufacture and distribute mining and mineral processing equipment and supplies; and other institutions providing services and supplies to the mineral industry.

Freight Rail Customer Alliance - FRCA is an alliance of freight rail shippers impacted by continued unrestrained freight rail market dominance over rail-dependent shippers.

National Mining Association - The National Mining Association (NMA) is the voice of the American mining industry in Washington, D.C. NMA is the only national trade organization that represents the interests of mining before Congress, the Administration, federal agencies, the judiciary and the media.

National Coal Transportation Association - The Mission of the National Coal Transportation Association (NCTA) is to provide education and facilitation for the resolution of coal transportation issues in order to serve the needs of the general public, industry, and all modes of transportation. This is accomplished through the sponsoring of educational fora and providing opportunities for the lawful exchange of ideas and knowledge with all elements of the coal transportation infrastructure.

Wyoming Mining Association - The Wyoming Mining Association (WMA) serves as a unified voice, providing value at a reasonable cost to its membership, by communicating, influencing, and promoting issues on behalf of the mining industry. WMA will promote the mining industry by communicating with regulators, educators, and the public in a credible way that promotes trust and confidence, and earns respect as a reliable source of information on issues pertinent to the industry.