Welcome from the CEO

Over the years, the coal supply chain has experienced a number of obstacles and has prevailed.  Coal is abundant, affordable and reliable, and will continue to be a part of the electric generation mix for many years to come.

The coal fired electric power industry has had the unique history of increasing output by approximately 350% over the last 40 years while decreasing emissions by over 90%.  This is an accomplishment by the industry that should be applauded. As technology becomes available, emissions reductions will continue.  History has proven that affordable, reliable electricity adds longevity and quality of life to those fortunate enough to benefit from its availability.

Western Fuels Association is a cooperative enterprise operating on a not-for-profit basis to provide fuel supply chain management and other services for the generation of electricity by consumer owned utilities. We believe in strength in numbers, our member-owners are rural electric generation and transmission cooperatives, municipal utilities and other public power entities strive to provide low cost electric power to their respective customers.  To date, Western Fuels Association has shipped over 575 million tons of coal on behalf of its members.

In 2018, reliability and resiliency were the deepest concern related to the state of the electric grid.  The fear is that too many baseload coal fired electric generating units have been scheduled for early retirement, causing a potential instability in the electric supply.  Western Fuels Association members continue to supply baseload power, often at a reduced capacity than in prior years.

Western Fuels Association is well positioned to expand the reach of our fuel chain management services to include new members from not just the public power sector, but also investor owned utilities and industrial consumers of coal.

We appreciate your interest in Western Fuels Association and welcome you to our website.

Meri Sandlin 
CEO and General Manager